About Me



Hello, I am Kevin Krauss

I am very addicted to Astronomy n wants to know every information about NASA’s Investigation in Planets, Comets, Stars, Galaleos, MilkyWay, BlackHoles, Ceres, Asteroids, Space shuttles, Gielis 531, Hubble Space, Mars Exploration Rover, Galaxy, Solar Flares and Mars MRO Mission (Red Planet) many more.

My Interests

Computer Geek, Most of my computers and servers runs an open source OS such as BSD or Linux, because it is (usually) free and allows me to do geeky stuff such as programming,running servers and using a command line interface (CLI).  I play cricket, table tennis and pool and also love to play and learn guitar whenever I get time. I am working with MID-DAY as a System Manager.

My Favorite Movies

My Fav Movies are Titanic, Hostel, Hostel-2, Saw 1 2 n 3, Phsycho Kill, Gladiator, The Messenger, Panslabynith, The Bridge To Terabithia, Babel, King Kong, Jurassic Park, Ring, Miami, Friday Part 1 to 13th, Mummy Returns, Brother in Arms, Hellriser, Independence Day, The Passion of The Christ, Last Day On Earth, Ten Commandments, Ben Her, Crash, Crank, Girl Intruppted, 300, American Pie All Series, Koltentail, Scary Movie Series, Kottentail and Endless list de list goes on and on and on.