Confused Between Laptop and Notebook Computers? Here is the Answer for You!

Smartphones play a major role in today’s generation but when it comes to some presentation, softwares which cannot be installed or used in smartphones, etc. you will totally rely on laptop and computers. It means like computers are the head of technologies like smartphones and other accessories. But the limitation of a desktop computer was its immobility and that was solved by the arrival of a laptop.

Laptop computers

A Laptop computer is a portable computer which functions similar to a normal desktop computer but it can be moved and handled easily. It is light weighted but need to be handled with care as if in case your laptop slips from your hand and fells down then it would get damaged, so you need to ensure that you hold it carefully. The weight and size of the laptop depends upon the display size, hardware and other factors. There are various best laptop brands which holds the top position in the market in the field of computers. You need to select the right one from those best laptop brands as a well known laptop brand will be durable and at the same time you can find its customer service nearby to you premises.

Notebook computers

The name itself describes about the type of the computer. Notebook computer is a personal computer which is very easy to handle and hold. The size of the notebook computer is just similar to a normal notebook and that is the reason it is known as a notebook computer. Due to its small size, the weight of the computer is also less compared to a laptop. It can be placed conveniently in a backpack or a briefcase. A notebook computer is a best option for a long distance travelling as there is no issue of its weight and handling. You can use them comfortably in train, aeroplane or any other mode of transportation without creating a mess to you.

Comparison between a laptop and a notebook computer

Whether it be a laptop or a notebook computer, both helps you to stay connected. Other than notebook, there are various other computer types which help you to pursue your task easily and comfortably and they are tablets, which is also known as tab, netbook, palmtop, etc. The major reason behind the arrival of notebook, tablet, netbook is nothing but for comfortable mobility.

Although laptop is a portable device, i.e, it can be moved easily from one place to another, the weight and size of the laptop makes it difficult. Due to the larger display of screen, hardware and other factors, the weight of the laptop also rises.

Notebook computers are ultra light and can be used easily while travelling. Due to this reasons, naturally the price of a notebook computer is much expensive than a normal laptop. The major reason that people face to purchase a notebook computer is nothing but its price. Best laptop brands are quite expensive compared to a normal laptop computer with basic features and the same thing is with notebook computers. Due to its light weight, it is very easy for the users to take it anywhere they wish.

Compared to the best laptop brands, a notebook computer’s battery life is high and can be used more. The drawback of the notebook computers are nothing but it doesn’t have an internal floppy disk nor has the ability to utilize CDs or DVDs which a laptop contains. So, if you are a person who uses DVDs or CDs for the daily work then the notebook computer is not beneficial for you although it has various other facilities and features. You must also know that a notebook computer also has a minimal graphic subsystem.


Compared to a notebook computer, a laptop has lots of power with various features that is missing in a notebook. Some of the basic features of a laptop are as follows-

As mentioned earlier, a laptop is heavier and larger in size compared to a normal notebook computer.

It has the facility of internal DVD-RW drive, an integrated modem, etc.

The speakers of a laptop are of high quality system due to which you can also enjoy various movies, tv shows and games with best sound effects.

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