Linux Operating System Advantages

Low cost:
Linux is free and much of its software’s and packages are free to use, No need to spend time and money to obtain licenses. Linux is free and released under GNU General Public License.

Linux Operating System has high availability of stability compared to other any operating systems. There is no need of rebooting Linux System to maintain performance level. Linux had continuous up-times of hundreds and thousands of days or even more.

Linux provides high level of performance on variety of networks. It has the high ability to handle large amount of users simultaneously.

Linux provides a very strong support of network functionality, Linux client and server systems can be easily setup up on any running Linux Computers. It has an ability to perform tasks like network backup faster than any other operating systems in the world.

Linux is very flexible robust and scalable. Linux servers can be used for high performance server applications, desktop applications, and embedded systems.

It has an ability to run all common UNIX software packages and can process all types of file formats.

Wider Choice:
Linux has a large amount of Linux distributions which gives you a better choice to choose the one you like most, the core functions are the same.

Fast and easy Installation:
All Linux distributions are come with user-friendly installation.

Better use of Hard Disk:
Linux uses its resources good enough even when the hard disk is almost full.

Linux is a multi-tasking & multi-user operating system. It can handle hundreds of things at the same time.

Linux is one of the most secure open source operating systems. File ownership and permissions make Linux more secure.

Open Source:
Linux is an Open source operating systems and its source code is free and open for all developers to edit and modify to make the better operating system.

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